Host Module

The host.js module launches the View Module within the visitor's browser and then supports it and any other federation site by delivering pages on request. github

Used by the Start Module to handle web requests.

Uses Deno Standard Server for Headers required in responses we send to the clients and imports View Module in the html we provide.

DOT FROM module-diagram STATIC strict digraph { rankdir=LR node [shape=box style=filled fillcolor=gold] "Host Module" node [fillcolor=lightgreen] "Start Module" -> "Host Module" "Host Module" -> "Deno Standard Server" "Host Module" -> "View Module"}

The host represents the persistent state of wiki sites. Requests can come from a client launched by the server or from other clients within the federation or beyond.

● Answers a small html file to load and run view.js.

● Answers the unmodified view.js module file.

● Answers the favicon flag that represents a site.

● Answers the sitemap identifying available pages.

● Answers a page encoded in the JSON page schema.