Smallest Wiki Explained

We imagine two files to make a read only wiki: host and view. We supplement this with two more files for authoring: edit and update. github

Host Module runs on the server, launches the view web app, and serves any other federation app.

View Module runs in the browser where it displays pages from the host and any other federation server.

digraph { rankdir=LR users others [label="any\nother\napp"] pages federation [label="any\nother\nserver"] node [shape=box style=filled fillcolor=lightgreen] "View\nModule" users -> "View\nModule" "Host\nModule" -> pages "View\nModule" -> federation "Host\nModule" -> "View\nModule" [dir="both"] others -> "Host\nModule" }

This smallest wiki operates a an outpost of the federation where only limited services are provided and change with every experiment but content produced can be seen and forked into any other part of the federation. outpost

See Public Assets for ready to use modules.

See Experimental Assets for crazy new modules.

See Static Edge Pages expressed as collections.

See Enriched Pages from json to dom.